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Renovations to Equestrian Center

Albion College’s Equestrian Center contains a competitive club and varsity team. Any student can try out, whether they’ve been riding their whole life or have never sat on a horse before. The Equestrian Center offers many [...]

Combat the Cold: Tips to Stay Healthy

It’s that time of year again. As frigid weather and relentless studying drives us indoors, our stress levels skyrocket and so do our chances of catching a cold or the flu. According to nurse Cheryl Krause, [...]

Green Day Set to Sprout

Green is disappearing. Leaves are molting to yellow and orange. Grass is fading to sad browns. The Benjamins and Washingtons are disappearing from wallets. But Tuesday night, green will blossom again. Albion’s yearly Green Day means [...]

Local Reverend Offers Spiritual Support to Students

Reverend Donald Phillips occupies many roles: pastor, president, husband, father and, most recently, faith community liaison between Albion and Albion College students. Philips has pastored at Lewis Chapel, one of the oldest African American churches in [...]

Renovations Starting in Munger Hall

A few houses down from Wesley Hall lies a vacant monolith: Munger Hall. Towering far above its neighbors, the college building’s only indication of life is a giant sign on its front yard, holding a small [...]

A Thrilling Occasion

On Saturday, Oct. 31  at 6:30 p.m., zombies will invade the Quad at Albion College. Don’t worry, it’s not the zombie apocalypse—college students and community members will come together dressed as zombies to perform Michael Jackson’s [...]

Bada-Bing, Bada-Bohm: Comedians Featured at the Bohm Theatre

Are you tired of Netflix and movie theatres? Are you looking for something different to do during your free time? The new comedy shows at the Bohm might be the perfect entertainment for you. The theatre [...]

From Monarchy to Royalty: Albion College Does Away with Traditional Homecoming Queen and King

Guest Post by Rachel Barry Ten men and women dressed-to-impress stood shivering before a mass of Albion College students, families and alums seated in the stands of Sprankle-Sprandel Stadium during halftime of the homecoming football game [...]

The Pleiad Print Issue Now Available

The Albion Pleiad is pleased to announce our first 2015 print edition. In the tradition of many Pleiad staffs before us, we have decided to revisit the physical newspaper in order to serve the Albion College [...]

Big Read Comes to Albion

Albion was chosen to receive the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) Big Read project funding. This provided a great opportunity for Albion’s college campus and community to engage in a month long event focused on [...]