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Albion City Trust, Lacking Council OK, to Freeze Friday

This Friday, Albion’s city trust will expire, and the city council has yet to approve it. This, agenda approvals, recognition of individuals and an interrupting phone call made for a prolonged Albion City Council meeting Oct. [...]

A Homecoming Event: Walk the Beat

Albion College’s homecoming started the weekend off right with alumni visiting, a football game happening and everyone having a blast on campus. With so many events in motion, there was even more to see and do [...]

New Roadwork in Albion Coming Spring of 2017

There’s a lot going on in the city of Albion this year. Already many annual events have been held, connections between the community and the college are still in development and new features have been added [...]

Water and Waste Discussed at Albion City Council Meeting

Water and waste management are major health concerns for any household or business. At the Albion City Council meeting Oct. 3, members were updated on ongoing tests that gauge the city’s handling of water and waste. [...]

Alumni Give Gift for Bonta Renovations

Yesterday morning, President Mauri Ditzler announced that Albion College will be receiving a donation from Chuck and Julie Frayer (‘77) to renovate the Bonta Admissions Center. Ditzler delivered the news to over 300 Albion graduates during [...]

Busy Weekend for Campus Safety

Last weekend there were three incidents that required the attention of Campus Safety and Albion Public Safety, two of which were related. Over email, Ken Snyder indicated that three non-students were involved in the two related [...]