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Profile: Albion Dive Team

As of Oct. 10, the Albion College swim and dive team’s season has been underway, and both the men’s and women’s teams have competed in five meets. The men have won two of the five, while [...]

Renovations to Equestrian Center

Albion College’s Equestrian Center contains a competitive club and varsity team. Any student can try out, whether they’ve been riding their whole life or have never sat on a horse before. The Equestrian Center offers many [...]

All of the Power: Profile on Shane Powers

During one Baldwin’s busiest hours, packed full of hungry students rushing to claim a table, Shane Powers is sighted amidst the crowd. On top of his job as a marketing manager for Baldwin, the Eat Shop, [...]

Memories of Paris

These past couple of days have sent a shockwave through the country of France. Three senseless acts of terrorism have deprived the world of 129 beautiful human souls, along with leaving 352 in serious condition. The attacks [...]

Brits Weekly: A Look at this Past Week

Football The Brits took on Aurora University (Ill.) on Saturday, Nov. 14, in their final game of the season. Pinckney, Mich., senior Dominic Bona threw for 234 yards and added 121 rushing yards, Southfield, Mich., senior [...]

Combat the Cold: Tips to Stay Healthy

It’s that time of year again. As frigid weather and relentless studying drives us indoors, our stress levels skyrocket and so do our chances of catching a cold or the flu. According to nurse Cheryl Krause, [...]

Charlie and Friends are Back At It Again: Peanuts Movie Review

Warning: This review contains spoilers.  On Feb. 13, 2000, the Peanuts gang officially stopped airing on television after running for almost 50 years. However, there were reruns, especially during the holidays with the classic Charlie Brown [...]

New Trustees, New Insights

The Board of Trustees is an elusive group for most students. Like a sort of secret society, most know nothing of its functions, only that it draws in the most driven alumni. Unlike a secret society, [...]

When Stress Motivates

With finals just around the corner, your workload might not be the only thing that is building. Stress during this time is as common as a backpack on college campuses. Often, we accept stress as part [...]

Green Day Set to Sprout

Green is disappearing. Leaves are molting to yellow and orange. Grass is fading to sad browns. The Benjamins and Washingtons are disappearing from wallets. But Tuesday night, green will blossom again. Albion’s yearly Green Day means [...]