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In remembrance of Julian Bond

It’s 1968 and the Democratic National Convention just shook the political and social fixtures of American society. Julian Bond became the first African-American man to be nominated for vice president of the United States. Protestors and [...]

Advice Column: Roommate problems, loving yourself and one-night stands

I don’t know my roommate and she doesn’t really talk. It’s so awkward in the room whenever we are together. What do I do? Truth is, your college roommate isn’t always your best friend. The first [...]

Five tips to have the best Briton Bash experience

After classes this Wednesday, laying in your twin xl with the sheets peeling off of the corners probably seems more appealing than weaving through madness on the quad, but this is an event you don’t want [...]

Sigma Chi house stands vacant

On Albion College’s campus, the corner of East Erie Street and South Hannah Street is typically a place where you can find Sigma Chi Fraternity brothers outside playing corn hole, blasting music and tossing a football [...]

The Pleiad’s Guide to Albion: 2015

So you’re starting your freshman year at Albion College. You might be overwhelmed by the Briton pride, the packed halls of Wesley and the plethora of activities your FYE mentors had on your welcome weekend agenda. [...]

Brits, here’s what you missed this summer

Though many students called Albion’s campus home for summer programs, jobs or research, a majority of the student body ventured back to their hometowns for a three-month vacation from academics. Regardless of the number of students [...]

Letter to Students: What are you searching for?

With modern technology practically everywhere we look, the answer to almost any question can be found literally at our fingertips. Questions that used to take careful and methodical research can now be answered with a few [...]

Albion College appoints Marc Roy as new Provost

On Friday, May 1, Albion College officials announced the appointment of Dr. Marc Roy to the position of Provost. Roy previously served as provost at Goucher College in Maryland, and currently sits as the board chair of the [...]

Opinion: Faith Fowler as commencement speaker captures a moment of Albion history

As far as traditions go, commencement speakers are as old as they come. With the likes of Winston Churchill at Harrow School in 1941 to John F. Kennedy at American University in 1963, the position of [...]

Show Review: Lysistrata

Synopsis The Greek men have been off at war for who knows how long, and the women are sick of it. Lysistrata rallies the women to protest the war. How do they protest? By withholding sex [...]