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All of the Power: Profile on Shane Powers

During one Baldwin’s busiest hours, packed full of hungry students rushing to claim a table, Shane Powers is sighted amidst the crowd. On top of his job as a marketing manager for Baldwin, the Eat Shop, [...]

New Trustees, New Insights

The Board of Trustees is an elusive group for most students. Like a sort of secret society, most know nothing of its functions, only that it draws in the most driven alumni. Unlike a secret society, [...]

When Stress Motivates

With finals just around the corner, your workload might not be the only thing that is building. Stress during this time is as common as a backpack on college campuses. Often, we accept stress as part [...]

New Britons Make a Splash

Imagine doing flips from one to three meters (3.2-9.8 ft.) up in the air and having to land in the perfect position to avoid injury.  Now, imagine all of the emotions and nerves you would feel [...]

Songs That Got Their Start in Albion

Albion is known for its small size and friendly community, but it isn’t the first place you would think of as a place where famous songs were written. Although it’s no Los Angeles, many famous songs [...]

Exotic Animals Visit Campus

Students “Ooh’ed,” “Aah’ed,” gasped and smiled as they visited with some furry, scaly, or hairless guests on campus Wednesday, Nov 4. Union Board’s Exotic Animals event allowed students to touch or hold animals like chinchillas, foxes, tarantulas [...]

The Red Velvet Cake War: Review

On the weekend of Halloween, the Department of Theatre introduced The Red Velvet Cake War. Consisting of comedy and drama, this play kept the audience’s’ attention riveted as each comedic act was met by laughter. The [...]

Behind Closed Doors: A Look Inside Three Vacant Buildings on Campus

Have you ever noticed the old brick school on your way to Biggby? Have you ever found yourself by a large stone church after wandering too far right from Goodrich? Or maybe you’re curious about the [...]

William Ferguson ’52: “Friend, Leader, Mentor”

Every morning, President Mauri Ditzler walks through the doors of the William C. Ferguson Student, Technology and Administrative Services Building and passes the portrait of the building’s namesake, William Ferguson, a longtime board member and past [...]

We Want More ‘Less is More’

Fifteen minutes—the time it takes to make a batch of cookies, watch a quarter of a lacrosse game, update to the latest Apple software or save 15 percent on car insurance at Geico. But if you’re [...]