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My First Kiss Went a Little Like This

By Rachel Barry Kissing is everywhere: that couple next to you on the subway, your parents before they head off to work and your favorite actors on the movie screen. But have you ever wondered, why [...]

My First Time

Albion to Jackson on I-94 is a typical road trip for most students. We find many of our home comforts like Olive Garden, Meijer, Target, Ulta, and Starbucks. Somewhere between Albion and Jackson is the Lion’s [...]

Opposites Attract or Oxytocin Attracts?

By Sadhna Ramanathan Love at first sight, opposites attract, meant for each other: all of these clichés can be equated to chemical reactions. So yes, Riri, it really is Love on the Brain. “It’s thought that [...]

What is Love? A Kid’s Perspective

Valentine’s Day –  the second best holiday in elementary school next to Halloween. While parents are buzzed off champagne and boxes of chocolate, kids are loaded with Fun Dip and Sweethearts. The ways kids and adults [...]

Trump’s Executive Orders

  A main focus of recent news has been the executive orders enacted by recently-elected President Donald Trump. Many are in uproar about the constitutionality, or lack thereof, of some of these executive orders. Some are [...]

An In-Depth Look at the Ludington Center

As a town bouncing back from economic hardships over the years, Albion is beginning to find the spark it once had. An integral part of improving Albion has been bringing Albion College faculty and students together [...]