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Q&A: author Joe Wilkins

The American West has fascinated Americans for decades.  The great plains have been romanticized in American literature, film, and music countless times.  Something about the wide-open spaces and the tough men and women who have attempted [...]

Review: Urinetown

In a world where water is short, something’s got to give. In this town, plumbing is what gives. No one is allowed their own toilet, nor are they permitted to pee where they please. Public privies [...]

Pleiad from Senegal: The case for the liberal arts in Senegal

Pleiad from Senegal is a guest column by former Pleiad editor-in-chief Nicholas Diamond. Nick is abroad in Senegal, studying public health, French and Wolof.  He’ll be reporting about health challenges and cultural experiences while in Dakar.   According to a 2011 [...]

Yik Yak grows at Albion College

If you haven’t heard of it, you probably will soon. It’s the new popular app on Albion’s campus and across hundreds of other college campuses throughout the nation. It’s called Yik Yak. Yik Yak is an [...]

Q&A: Meet the 2014 homecoming court

As the fall season flies by, we find ourselves in the midst of another Albion Homecoming. Purple and gold grace the poles on the newly renovated Hannah Street, alumni are making their way back to their [...]

Telescope, observatory get spruced up in time for homecoming

Albion College has an extremely rare possession – an original Alvan Clark telescope.  The telescope recently had its 130th anniversary, and the physics department arraigned to clean the telescope with money requested from the Provost. Professor Nicolle [...]

Students and staff collaborate for year of wellness

Fitness classes and guest speakers are encouraging students to be aware of the year of wellness – but what does this really mean? Each year, the college explores  a different element of the liberal arts education through its theme [...]

Savoring a sweet spot at Festival of the Forks

By Cara Henry How’s this for tradition? Every single year for nearly half a century, people have gathered in downtown Albion for a huge celebration. As you probably know, since you were probably there last weekend, Festival [...]

Personality profile: Mary Johnson goes beyond her job to reach out to students

By Clare Kolenda For the past 35 years, first-years, returning seniors, faculty and even alumni from classes past have one thing in common: at one point Albion experience they almost certainly encountered Mary Johnson, the lunch [...]

Review: Paying for the Party

As first-years became accustomed to their new lives in Wesley Hall and upperclassmen fled to their familiar frat haunts, I found myself reading a book on the first Saturday of the semester. This book was not [...]