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Survivor of Acid Attack Speaks at Bobbitt

Nurjahan Khatun was born in the small town of Kashipure, Bangladesh. At only nine years old, she was the unintended recipient of an acid attack. The target was meant to be her 13-year-old cousin who slept [...]

American Oxford’s Journey to Success

The fall of 2015 was an exciting time for sophomore Spencer Shaheen and his sister Berkeley, (’13). The Rochester, Michigan natives launched their very own clothing company, American Oxford. The idea sprung when they were scrolling [...]

Meet Albion’s 2016 Homecoming Court

With Homecoming only a week away, it was time to vote for the Royal Britons. For those of you who might not know, the Royal Britons are a group of three people elected by the students [...]

Dom Flemons Wants Americans to Go Back and Fetch Their History

On Thursday, Oct. 6, Grammy-winning musician Dom Flemons participated in Albion’s Big Read by performing two shows, one at Marshall High School and another at the Washington Gardner auditorium in Albion. Flemons was joined by Brian [...]

Albion College Legacy: What Does It Mean?

A legacy as defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary is “something transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor or from the past.” Reading a definition from a dictionary is fine, but what does it actually [...]

What It’s Like Watching FX’s New Show Atlanta

If you haven’t heard of Atlanta, FX’s new critically acclaimed show, then expect to hear about it soon. A quasi-comedy, slice-of-life drama, the show is created and produced by Donald Glover, also known under his rap [...]