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Albion Athletics in Nicaragua

Over winter break, 37 students traveled to two different cities in Nicaragua as a part of the Global Medical Brigades of Albion College. Global Medical Brigades is the world’s largest student-led global health and sustainable development [...]

“What I’ve Been Looking For” Back in 2006

In 2006, most of us were in our last years of elementary school or early years of middle school. Our biggest worries were getting a first place ribbon at Field Day or becoming the president when [...]

Pura Vida Blues

You never hear someone say that they regret studying abroad, and that is for a good reason.  No matter the location, the duration or the nature of the program, studying abroad is an invaluable experience.  The [...]

A Temporary Home at Sea

Though I consider Albion my home, leaving for the fall semester was not a hard choice. I chose to study in South Caicos, an island in the Turks and Caicos Islands to be my new temporary home, [...]

From Albion to Spain and Back Again

After spending four months in the bustling Spanish city of Granada, I can honestly say that coming back to Albion has been quite the adjustment. Like 20 other students last semester, I chose to spend a semester [...]

Tips to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution in College

It’s a brand new year and maybe you were among the 45 percent of Americans who were expected to make new year’s resolution. However, while just under half of Americans usually make some sort of New [...]

25th Anniversary of the Chunnel Breakthrough

Guest Post by Alizee Mosconi Dec. 1, 1990. Surrounded by the media, a British worker and a French worker are shaking hands under the English Channel. They have just broken through the few inches of rock standing [...]

Senior Athletes: This Isn’t the End

As fall sports come to an end this month, Albion athletes must cope with the blank spaces in their schedules from the absence of practices and games. This lack of activity can be especially devastating because, [...]

Profile: Mitchell on a Mission

Guest Post by Victoria Stewart Students at Albion College live in the city of Albion without recognizing what goes into maintaining this community. Behind the scenes, many unsung heroes dedicate their time and hard work in [...]

Holiday Shopping in Albion

It’s around a month until Christmas, and your favorite local stores are ready for the holidays. Are you? Waiting until after finals to find the perfect gift for your family can put a lot of pressure [...]