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Albion Heritage Bed and Breakfast Serves Up Hospitality and Collects Stories

The Albion Heritage Bed and Breakfast has been a familiar face in the Albion community for the past 12 years. Because of its location so close to Albion College’s campus, it is a common spot for [...]

Community at Heart of Candace Cullen’s Senior Speech

When the class of 2016’s senior speaker application deadline was extended, Grand Rapids Mich., native Candace Cullens had her friends urging her to apply. She was hesitant at first, but the “bugs” her friends had placed [...]

Q&A with Hoodie Allen

The Pleiad was given the opportunity to sit down with this year’s Union Board Big Show headliner, independent rap artist Hoodie Allen. Here’s the interview between Managing Editor, Alex Carey, Birmingham senior, and Hoodie Allen. Alex [...]

Movie Review: Batman v Superman

Guest Post by Abigail Radwick Warning: spoilers! Ah, yet another Box-Office targeted movie! As the sequel to Warner Bros’ Man of Steel (2013), Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice opens with another Batman origin story, something [...]

Baldwin Goes Vegan

After much discussion and speculation, the Baldwin Cafe at Albion College has developed a new contract with Bon Appetit management company in which all the food selections will be vegan. “It seemed like a very natural [...]

Student Returns to School After 40 Days

“Forget giving up chocolate for Lent this year,” said Adam Smith, a first-year Ohio native. Smith decided to give up something a little bit more intense. College. He decided to take a 40-day leave from school. [...]

Students Break from Albion

When spring break rolls around in college, some of the most popular places to go are the warmer beaches in Florida or the relaxing atmosphere of home. Yet some students travel out of state for other [...]

Albion Alum Allison Maki: Management and Her Time With the NFL

Post by Sarah Likens Update: Allison Maki will be arriving on campus later in March to share with students her experience working with the Detroit Lions. Look here for further updates. Albion College might have a [...]

The Pleiad Goes Underground

When I first came to Albion, I heard so many rumors about there being tunnels under the college. Some people told me they did not even exist, while others claimed they were used as bomb shelters [...]

Professor Profile: Meet Katey Price

Katey Price is a visiting assistant professor in the Communication Studies department. Originally from Grand Rapids, she has her Ph.D. in health communications, and as a continued part of our new professor profiles, we met to [...]