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Locally Owned Sandwich Shop to Open, Highlight Fresh Food, Albion History

Move over Subway, there’s a new sandwich shop coming to town: the Forks Sandwich Eatery. “We’re a local family-owned and operated casual sandwich restaurant,” said owner Tom Maddux. “We’re hoping to entice the sandwich crowd by [...]

Albion City Council Discusses Fate of the Union Steel Building

The fate of Albion’s Union Steel building, and the feral cats who reside inside it, was the main topic of conversation at Monday night’s City Council meeting. The property, located just behind the Munger apartments, went [...]

An In-Depth Look at the Ludington Center

As a town bouncing back from economic hardships over the years, Albion is beginning to find the spark it once had. An integral part of improving Albion has been bringing Albion College faculty and students together [...]

‘Loveable Radical’ Eugene Robinson Speaks On Moving Forward at Albion MLK Convocation

Last night, the Albion community and Albion College campus gathered downtown together in the historic Bohm Theater for the 2017 Martin Luther King, Jr. Convocation. Professors, students, faculty members, community leaders and members of the local [...]

Octavia Crawford-Turner Bestows Albion With Expressive Moments

I slipped through the side door of the Albion Alternative High School, assigned to cover the city’s mayoral candidate forum being held in its cafeteria. At the click of the door, a dozen heads turned toward [...]

Bohm II Opens, Offers Intimate Viewing

Despite light flurries and a dysfunctional pair of ceremonial ribbon-cutting scissors, the Bohm II, Albion’s second movie theater, opened Wednesday evening to a crowd of approximately 80 people for small tours and refreshments. After four months [...]