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Review: Captain America

Spoiler Alert: this review contains details concerning the film’s later plot elements and major themes. Those of you who wish to preserve the mystery until viewing, do not read further. Seriously, I’m going talk about some [...]

Creativity: the secret to enjoying Baldwin food

There is no doubt that trips to the college cafeteria become monotonous. Naturally, we start heading straight for our favorite food stations upon entry and suddenly it’s Thursday and we realize we’ve eaten pasta and chocolate [...]

Review: Game of Thrones Season Premiere

SPOILER ALERT: This review contains spoilers. Sunday, April 6 marked the long-awaited return of HBO’s award-winning fantasy drama series, Game of Thrones, as it kicked off the fourth season with an episode entitled “Two Swords.” If [...]

Review: HIMYM series finale

On Monday, March 31, the CBS comedy that many of us know and love came to an end. After nine spectacular seasons that took us through both heartbreaks and laughs, How I Met Your Mother came [...]

Behind the scenes with Less is More

The ukulele and acoustic guitar hummed throughout Mac’s Bar as the crowd anticipated feel-good tunes from the local musicians Less is More  with the hope of being guided through musical bliss. However, for Jane Finkel and [...]

Opinion: Miley Cyrus sociology course

Starting this summer, Skidmore College, a small, private, liberal arts college in New York, is offering a course titled “The Sociology of Miley Cyrus.” As a sociology major and a pop culture enthusiast, I am thrilled [...]

Review of Divergent

Rich Morgan ’14 If I had to summarize Divergent in a single phrase, I could sum it up thusly: it’s Harry Potter, The Hunger Games and Twilight all trying to be 1984, only it’s not very [...]

Best Pandora stations for every occasion

It seems as if everyone is using some form of internet radio these days – everything form 8tracks to Spotify; Pandora to Songza. I oftentimes find that there are so many internet radio stations, I struggle [...]

From visual to musical art

Say what you will of its price tag or employment (and thankfully quick dismissal) of odorous snow-melting beet juice, Albion College does much to support students and their endeavors. In this case, it even supported a [...]

Less is More set to record first album

A passion for music and a need to play have led to the beginning of quite the journey for Jane Finkel, Mackinac Island senior, and Brian Spencer, ’13 alumnus. Less is More, the name of their [...]