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Satire Blog: Student reaction to Big Show

Who is Timeflies?  What is Timeflies?  Is Timeflies a person, a group of people, a recently discovered species of insect?  This reporter has absolutely no idea, and, after a thorough investigation, it has become clear that [...]

Satire Blog: Spring Break- A first person perspective

Saturday, March 9 Thank god that car ride is finally over.  Now we’re all finally in sunny Beach for one hell of a spring break.  Paul and Jim are still passed out from that all [...]

Satire Blog – Spring Break Blues

Yes, it is that time of the year again.  As students prepare to leave the campus for spring break, they begin to experience feelings of dread and anxiety.  None want to leave the learning facilities that [...]

Satire Blog – Satire Blogger in Chains

For the better part of a year and a half, the college campus has been entertained and enthralled with the comedic genius of their beloved Pleiad satire blogger.  However, they know very little of the horrors [...]

Satire Blog – Student turned superhero

In a rather shocking turn of events, the college has found itself as the permanent residence of a brand new superhero the likes of which this world has ever seen: Squirrel Man. Bitten by a radioactive [...]

Satire Blog — Death of Facebook Account Devastates Student

Tragedy struck the College this week as student Tanti Me’o learned of the death of the Facebook account of his girlfriend, Tru Pearson. This loss weighs heavily on Me’o, who will no longer be able to [...]

Satire Blog — Students Unsure if Obama Has “It”

The results are in, and apparently one of the major disappointments of this election was the candidates not quite having “it.” What is “it” exactly?  And why is it that many of the students here at the [...]

Satire Blog – Police Enter College Party Dressed as Campus Safety Officers

Trick-or-Treat ended up being “Trick” on the college campus as the local police department decided to conduct one of the legendary “walk-throughs” routinely done by campus safety during a college party. Hilarious in its own right, [...]

Satire Blog – “Sophomore Experience” Becomes Slippery Slope for More “Experiences”

In an interesting turn of events, college staff members have found themselves so pleased with the new “Sophomore Year Experience” that they have seen fit to expand this program into a good deal many more “Experiences.” [...]

Satire Blog – Controversy ensues over college’s new theme not being YOLO

Students all across the campus are expressing their concerns and outrage over the college passing up on what they believe to have been the only obvious choice of theme for this academic year: YOLO. This acronym [...]