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Q&A with Hoodie Allen

The Pleiad was given the opportunity to sit down with this year’s Union Board Big Show headliner, independent rap artist Hoodie Allen. Here’s the interview between Managing Editor, Alex Carey, Birmingham senior, and Hoodie Allen. Alex [...]

Hillsdale to Close, Albion to Absorb Students

This story was a part of the April Fool’s Edition “The Plebian” and was, in fact, not true. The Pleiad apologizes for any confusion that may have been caused. [...]

Puppy Monkey Baby Review

It’s been talked about all over the internet through memes, GIFs, articles and forums. It has Super Bowl fans and ad critics alike starting discussions. It may even be burned into your memory. It’s the Mountain [...]

Big Dreams for Blues at the Bohm

Post by Sarah Likens The Bohm in downtown Albion has a lot more to offer students and the community than just movies. On Monday, Jan. 25 at 7 p.m., the historic theatre welcomed The Ball Brothers [...]

Senior Athletes: This Isn’t the End

As fall sports come to an end this month, Albion athletes must cope with the blank spaces in their schedules from the absence of practices and games. This lack of activity can be especially devastating because, [...]

Exotic Animals Visit Campus

Students “Ooh’ed,” “Aah’ed,” gasped and smiled as they visited with some furry, scaly, or hairless guests on campus Wednesday, Nov 4. Union Board’s Exotic Animals event allowed students to touch or hold animals like chinchillas, foxes, tarantulas [...]