Community News — 19 September 2014

By Spencer White

On Saturday, Sept. 13, Albion College President Mauri Ditzler and his wife Judith were blessed in an ecumenical ceremony by a group of Albion religious leaders at Lewis Chapel.

The blessing was part of a series of events during Ditzler’s inaugural weekend that symbolized cooperation between Albion College and its host community.

Faith and its role in the college and community has been another theme of the inaugural weekend.  Ditzler addressed the personal importance of his faith as well as its ability to teach in his inaugural address.  Two of the passages that Ditzler quoted during his address were from the Bible.

Ditzler read from Matthew 22: 36-40 during his speech and commented that Jesus’ instruction to distill the principles of Christian worship into two commandments reflected the liberal arts tradition.

‘From these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets,’” Ditzler said.  “Doesn’t that sound a bit like a professor saying ‘these few rules will allow you to determine the name of thousands of outcomes’?”

Photos by Albion College


Members of the Albion Ministerial Association with Mauri and Judith Ditzler at Lewis Chapel.

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